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Your comments and feedback for Bulgaria's 2021 potential songs will be recieved directly by VICTORIA and the Eurovision Bulgaria team.

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After you submit your contact details at STEP 1 you can continue to STEP 2, which includes the 6 potential songs of Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021. By pressing each video you will open a pop-up window, which will allow you to listen to each song and leave your feedback. Don't forget to save your comment. After you are done with sharing your feedback you can continue to the next step. At STEP 3 you have to agree with our general terms an conditions and SUBMIT. Your feedback will be recieved directly by VICTORIA and her team! Enjoy!

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Imaginary friend

VICTORIA about “Imaginary Friend”: “Everyone can relate to this story. Loving someone with all your heart does not always mean they will love you back. Sometimes the love is unrequited and you just have to move on with your life."

Written by Cornelia Wiebols, Irma Eriksson Wadström, Victoria Georgieva
Produced by Cornelia Wiebols, Oliver Björkvall

Growing up is Getting old

VICTORIA about "Growing Up Is Getting Old": "You can grow as a person in many different ways. Sometimes going back to your roots helps you find you purpose on Earth."

Written by Victoria Georgieva, Maya Nalani, Helena Larsson, Oliver Björkvall
Produced by Oliver Björkvall

Dive into Unknown

VICTORIA about "Dive into Unknown": "The song was inspired by the beauty and calm of the sea. To dive into the unknown and to take a risk even though you are not sure where the path will lead you is not an easy choice. But sometimes it's your only way to grow."

"Written by Lukas Oskar, Pauline Skött, Victoria Georgieva, Borislav Milanov, Peter St James
Produced by Lukas Oskar"

Phantom Pain

VICTORIA about "Phantom Pain": "The story in this song is really painful. I can even say it's a fatal story. Sometimes a broken heart can lead us to dark thoughts."

Written by Helena Larsson, Victoria Georgieva, Oliver Björkvall
Produced by Oliver Björkvall, Helena Larsson

The Funeral Song

VICTORIA about "The Funeral Song": "What happens when you lose everything? The message of this song is to cherish everything we have and to live in the moment."

Written by Helena Larsson, Victoria Georgieva, Chris Samuels, Nellie Fors, Oliver Björkvall
Produced by Oliver Björkvall, Helena Larsson


VICTORIA about "UGLY CRY": "The message of this song is simple - everyone deserves respect. We are all people before anything else and we should never forget that."

Written by Victoria Georgieva, Niamh Murphy, Sam Brennan, Tom Hollings
Produced by Martin Masarov

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